Choosing A Management Company: Why Island Condo?

“The Best Is Always Better”

At Island Condo, we understand that the choice of management company will affect a community’s value, the associations future, and the quality of the life of the community. Community life, whether chosen as a way to achieve the dream of home ownership or as a way to enjoy the advantages of group ownership and an enhanced amenity package, should in all cases be a pleasant experience, free from unnecessary burdens, risks and aggravation.

We find that management works best for the community when a partnership of purpose and effort exists. Only by working together towards a common goal can success be maximized.

The Board must establish basic policies — the management company implements them. We use the team approach with community management. The Board and the unit owners are an integral part of this team. Association officers and Board acting for the members have major management responsibilities:

  • Determine association policies, programs and budget;
  • Decide upon a management system within available resources to best accomplish the goals;
  • Delegate proper authority and necessary funds;
  • Monitor performance, cooperate and give support when deserved;
  • Learn and continuously adjust programs and policies based upon the experience factor.

There are three basic management possibilities. Self management is possible, but extremely difficult. If it works, there is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. But to see it work effectively, there must be certain factors present: available, willing, experienced, accountable and competent volunteers with a desire to devote substantial amounts of time and energy, often receiving criticism and abuse from non-involved owners.

Hiring employees by the association, is a second option. As with any major enterprise, there must be guidance, direction, control and accountability. There must be planning and implementation. Different situations dictate different responses; what may succeed with a small homogeneous and co-operative group would never do for a large, diverse community. Obviously, some degree of management is needed in all communities.

Property managers, like our experienced staff at Island Condo can be a godsend to an infant or struggling association. We do the administrative work, while the basic philosophy and operation decisions come from the duly constituted Board.

An association Board is responsible for the prudent spending of large amounts of members’ money. Community associations (condominiums, Co-Ops, HOA’s) are big business operations, requiring knowledgeable experienced managers to keep them running smoothly, efficiently and economically.

Full service management is not only the easiest, but often the wisest choice for the Board. The association adopts the programs to be implemented by the management company. You can feel confident that whatever problems face your community — cars are improperly parked; the lights do not function; your neighbors are noisy; the area/streets are dirty; garbage is a problem; no one cleans up after their dog; the gutters are leaking, etc. — at Island Condo Management, we have already dealt with and solved any difficulties you presently or may eventually experience.

One of the roles we assume is the continuing education of the Board and community members. Knowledge and communication are critical. An informed homeowner is more likely to be understanding, co-operative and concerned about the community. Who better understands the needs of a community than the residents themselves? Through the community Board, policies of relevance to all community members are decided. Misunderstandings are reduced through communication and our lines of communication are always open.

Co-operation gets the job done. The health and stability of a community is like a fine-tuned machine, dependent upon all components working together. Through co-operative efforts, goals are achieved and tasks completed.

Island Condo’s management philosophy gets results. Results you can see in the upkeep of your building and grounds. Results you can feel among the owners and residents of the community. Results you can count on… not just for now, but for tomorrow, too!