At Island Condo we are committed to provide these value added services:

  • Community Management
  • Consulting
  • Accounting services
  • Maintenance
  • Planning
  • Contract negotiations
  • Staffing
  • Budgets
  • Personnel
  • Insurance
  • Legal division
  • Policies
  • Inspections
  • Seminars
  • Computer services
  • Reserve analysis
  • Property transitions
  • Landscaping
  • Problem identification
  • Engineering
  • Construction defect disputes
  • Security
  • Bid specifications
  • Association meetings
  • Taxes

How much does it cost?

A good management company can and should save you money. Often, the savings can be equal to the management fee itself. At Island Condo we manage a number of associations, each unique, yet each containing certain similarities. The purchasing power, quality of services, getting the best price coupled with our expertise is difficult to translate into dollars and cents. To duplicate these items would require large expenditures on the part of individual communities. Thus, the fee for our services (computerized bookkeeping, legal department, specialized staff) is, in the long term, the most efficient, cost effective means by which to manage your association.

The price for full service management may appear higher than other management options, but we are accountable and our business depends on your continued satisfaction with our services.

Management is responsible for maintenance, repairs, day-to-day operations, financial matters and other areas. At Island Condo we respond to problems before they can become emergencies. We do not wait for a crisis to bring a matter to the Board’s attention. Consider our expertise, our area of operations, our personnel, our office technology and the attention we are willing to provide. In 2010, we were managing properties with an asset value of nearly one billion dollars. Our trained professionals will be in your community every day!

Claims of management companies begin to sound alike. At Island Condo, we prefer a proven, personal approach, managing each property individually with no preconceived ideas about a project. We draw from our experience to satisfy your needs. Our staff takes a special interest in each community — getting involved in all aspects. We pride ourselves in our accomplishments achieved through top quality professional service to each and every client.

People want to live in the most attractive, most prestigious home they can afford. Whether you are a member of the Board, or a concerned unit owner, it is in your best interest to see that your association derives the maximum benefit from the money spent, whether it be grounds, repair, maintenance, reserves, etc. Island Condo has helped others achieve this goal and can accomplish the same for you!